Tidbits About Dale


I worked as a deep penetration welder for Kone Cranes in Reservoir Victoria. In my lunch breaks I made sculptures out of the off-cut metal, much to the horror of the foreman, especially when I would climb into the scrap metal bin.

I got this position because my dearly loved brother was the foreman and head welder. He taught me how to use an oxy-fuel for cutting metal, how to weld using a MiG welder and complete deep penetration welds which were x-rayed for competence and safety.

All my welds passed with flying colours. I was the only female welder and ‘gofer’ in the building. Nepotism but hey, what are big brothers for?


I taught private art classes in St Helens for many years and all my students were successful in learning the art of drawing and pastel painting.


I trained to run the London marathon in 2006-2007 whilst studying my Fine Art degree. During my training I completing the Burnie 10, Cadbury 21 and the Point to Pinnacle in Hobart and flew to London for the 42 km event.

I did this because I heard a radio announcement recruiting fundraisers to help support the Tasmania Devil facial tumour. They were looking for people close to age 50, I was 48 at the time, and had never run before.


I was born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1959 and I currently live in the north east of Tasmania.

I am a decedent of the Aboriginal tribe Wiradjuri NSW.


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UTAS Hobart.

At the end of second year had to leave my major of painting because the head of the painting department didn’t think I was alternative enough because I only wanted to paint portraits. He was going to fail me if I didn’t shape up.

So I completed my third year majoring in theory, which no one at an art school desires to do. This led me in a new direction because thanks to a wonderful teacher called Maria Kunda, I learned how to write a bloody good essay. The new direction I took was to become a Teacher.


I have a Bachelor of Teaching from Deakin University for both Primary and Secondary and I have my first aid certificate.


I have a diploma in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

After I graduated as a teacher I worked at StHelens District High school. The Principle at the time suggested I might like to teach English to a Chinese lady and moonlight for TAFE Migrant Learning in Launceston. Naturally, I required a diploma in TESOL so I studied for two years whilst teaching at the school as a relief teacher and taught english in the evenings. Then I decided that I wanted a Certificate 4 in training and assessing, which was another year of study.


I have been a teacher for eleven years and during this time done relief teaching and full time teaching.

When the opportunity to teach on the beautiful Cape Barren Island I jumped at the chance. I taught there for one and a half years.


I live on a beautiful farm consisting 450 acres.

Twenty two years ago we were renting the farmhouse when the owners put the property on the market. People came to view “the farm” hated our poor little house, but my husband and I loved it so much we decided that it was our home and purchased “The Marshes”.

We had never farmed before so we set about buying farming equipment, tractor, truck and cattle. There was a drought at that time and purchased Angus that were pregnant with calves. Poor loves, we still have some of our original cattle that are now out to pasture and will die on the farm. My husband is extremely soft-hearted and very kind to animals. 

We live off the grid and have solar and a generator for our electricity because, as most people know, farms eat money.


I have had many pet sheep because once you bottle-feed an abandoned lamb they become a pet and some sheep just wan to be a pet.

My eldest sheep called Choppy was 17 when she died.